This post lists five quick and to the point reasons why you should visit Greece this year.


Well, not a disclaimer of sorts, more a point in the right direction. While we have put together these five quick reasons why you should travel to Greece, you will need to do a little bit of your own research to find the very best destination for you. The reason, you see, is that Greece is such a great place to visit with so much going on that it would be impossible for us to list everything here.

What are the top five reasons you should be looking at Greece for a holiday at the end of 2016?


Whether you have a major in Greek mythology, see the country as the birthplace of democracy, or know little more than that there are some old ruins built by some important people years ago, the history of Greece is a major attraction.

Perhaps the best thing about heading to Greece for its history is that you can go literally almost anywhere and get a flavour of the past. It is not like all of the history is in Athens or in one resort, like in many other countries. History is everywhere.


Having fun in the sun generally means relaxing by the pool or heading down to the beach. Both the Greek mainland and the islands of Greece have some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Europe. This isn’t just our words either, respected travel guide publications such as Lonely Planet frequently endorse the claims of Greece to have the best beaches on the entire continent.


You know that Greece gets hot in the summer, but do you know that the sun remains for most of the year? Given that it’s now September there would be no point in us talking about how great it is in July, however even now the sun remains bright in the sky. Yes, the temperature has dropped a touch, however this just makes it even more pleasant and easier to travel around.


Linked closely to history, there are some fantastic museums and art galleries situated throughout Greece just waiting to be discovered by cultural tourists. A quick tip here would be that Athens, Crete, and Santorini are your best destinations for these, although in truth you can find a great experience anywhere.

Easy Travel

Perhaps the best thing about Greece is that you can travel around the mainland and the islands very easily. Ferry services run daily even through the winter months, so if you want to see more than one destination during your holiday then Greece and her islands is the perfect place to visit.